Dark Matter Dark Web Market Review

Dark matter market link

Dark matter market is a young market, established on July 28th of 2022, however steadily growing. Dark matter features simple and easy to navigate interface. While the user interface is not the most beautiful out there, it isn't an eyesore either.

Payment methods

Dark matter market supports only Monero(XMR) cryptocurrency, this provides enhanced privacy. Dark Matter is walletless market. You don't need to deposit before buying, this option is beneficial to users as there is no need to store any coins on the market. Multisig option is also available for some listings.

Academy section

One interesting dark matter markets feature is the academy section. Every course has few lessons with practical task and detailed tutorial how to do it. This section currently contains two tutorials, however it looks like there might be more in the future.

The first tutorial teaches users how to use PGP(pretty good privacy), the PGP tutorial features lessons on how to generate PGP keypairs, encrypt messages, decrypt messages, sign PGP messages, verify PGP messages and backup your PGP keys.

The second tutorial explains Multisig. You will learn XMR Multisignature workflow, what tools you can use, how to generate and finalize MultiSig wallet, how to generate transaction manually and how to sign and broadcast a transaction.

Availability of products

While this market is still quite new and not yet overflowing with listings, one will still find everything they need. However some things are forbidden, such as lethal weapons etc...

Searching on Dark Matter market

Dark matter features a pretty standard search interface featuring the search options such as country of origin, destination country, escrow, multisig and FE(Finalize early) availability. Results can be ordered by vendor reputation, price or quantity available. However it is also possible to explore by simply going thru the categories section located on the left side.


Upon initial registration, Dark Matter Market provides a distinctive mnemonic code to facilitate account recovery in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. It is imperative that this code is securely saved, as it cannot be regenerated. The code comprises words and phrases, meticulously selected from the dictionary, rendering it exclusive to each account.

To ensure utmost security, all users are mandated to create a 6-digit PIN during the registration process.

Dark Matter Dark Web Market's two-factor authentication (2FA) feature fortifies an additional layer of security to guarantee that only verified users gain access to their accounts. The 2FA system necessitates users to decrypt a PGP-signed message before logging in, thereby augmenting an extra layer of protection against hackers who may have access to the user's password.

The PGP key employed by Dark Matter Darknet Market employs a unique encryption algorithm that generates a digital signature for each account, permitting only verified accounts to be accessed. This ensures that even if the password were to be exposed, no one could access the account without first decrypting the PGP-signed message exhibited on the login page.


Dark Matter Market is a new and growing market with a simple interface that supports only Monero cryptocurrency for enhanced privacy. It is a walletless market that offers a multisig option for some listings. The academy section provides tutorials on PGP and Multisig. The market has a limited number of listings but offers everything one needs, except for prohibited items like lethal weapons.